Pam Soule Welcome to Pam Soule LMT

 About Me

imageI have recently retired my services, but I am available for consultation.

Originally inspired by the sciences, then graduating from Humboldt State University, is when my love of science truly started.

Even though my focus was on forestry,

it eventually evolved to the human body.

Then my passion for massage therapy began.


Twenty five years ago,

I traded my focus of scientific names of trees

for learning scientific names of muscles, and the human body

at the Brenneke School of Massage

(now owned by Cortiva-Seattle)

a clinically focused foundational massage school.

Future studies led me like a fly to honey toward geriatric and oncology massage therapies, hospital massage through,

and learning Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).


And, I have had the pleasure of attending the

International Massage Therapy Research Conference 2013,

and the 2016,'18, and '20 Oncology Massage Healing Summits through S4OM, at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Currently there is an exciting growing body of research that suggests and supports the      beneficial effects of massage therapy for various medical conditions that I’m delighted to share with those interested, and to be able to finally have the support of such for my clients!

I love the people who teach and research

massage therapy!

And, I passionately love my work

because of the people

who gravitate to its comfort, the challenges innate to each human body,

and what these bring to various therapy sessions.

My greatest interest is to accommodate my

massage therapy sessions

to your personal situation.

 -Pam Soule, LMT, BS.,


Board Certified Massage Therapist, National Certification Board (NCBTMB)

Licensed Massage Therapist (L.M.T.)

New Mexico Lic.# 8529

New Mexico Champion S4OM


Board Certified through, and past volunteer of NCBTMB,

Past Unit President,  and continued member of the AMTA

Member of Society for Oncology Massage (S4OM),  

Specialty Training: Day-Break Geriatrics,

Oncology Massage Therapy/Healwell at Virginia Medical Center, Arlington VA

And, Oncology Massage Therapy Advanced Mentorship Program 2015 (Tracy Walton and Associates).